Brothers! Sisters! Montagues! Capulets!

Two ancient households, as our law espouses,
Whose noble standing none of us forgets;
We welcome to the 'Truce of Two Houses';

Now 'tis the time for all of us to cry
"Enough!", and bring an end unto the hate,
That drive out hope and causes love to die,
Upon Verona streets, as hath of late;

For there is more unites our families,
Than divides us with such violent abuse;
So join with us as friends - not enemies -
To sing with one clear voice for this our Truce.

Then side-by-side at Sycamore we'll cease,
This senseless violence and restore the peace.

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Line up

  • Pop sensation Rosaline with her smash hit ‘Feigned Ecstacy’!
  • Verona Beach Peace Choir
  • ‘Hotspurs’ Latino Dance Lessons
  • The Mechanicals - World Tour
  • Jack Cade’s - Venom’d Vengeance
  • Music from ‘Cupid’s Archers’ Marching Band

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