Brothers and sisters

Together we'll make it through

The Truce of Two Houses is a collaboration between Verona Beach Police, The Church of St Peter’s, and MAC-UK, a London charity dedicated to improving the lives of young people trapped unfairly in a cycle of violence, exclusion and abuse.

Make your house proud

Together we aim to raise £30,000 to support young people to build solutions to serious youth violence.


"Montagues, a giving hand shall have fair praise"
- Ted Montague


"Capulets, unite in aiding those in need"
- Fulgencio Capulet

Music and Change

Father Laurence, Minster for Verona Beach would like to extend his heartfelt thanks and recognition to MAC-UK for their guidance and inspiration that has made this event a reality.

The Minister says: “MAC-UK work at grassroots level with communities to tackle the same issues of violence and exclusion we see in our own neighbourhoods. The Truce of Two Houses is the trigger for peace but the work of MAC-UK will sustain the calm within our communities for years to come.”

Bringing peace to our streets

We aim to bring unity to Verona through art, music and communication. All donations will be channelled into funding a new project close to the site of the Truce of Two Houses that will harness young people's creative ideas and solutions to promote their sense of safety, potential and wellbeing to prevent youth violence in London.