Fair people of Verona!

It is time to heal the wounds of ancient grudges, to douse the flames of recent brawls. Let us come together and demand the better angels of our souls unite as one. One community, one love. Brothers! Sisters! Montagues! Capulets! Let us use song and action to drive for peace. Welcome to the Truce of Two Houses!

Father Laurence signature

The violence must stop

You are all hereby summoned to Father Laurence’s Truce of Two Houses, your last opportunity to make a lasting peace with your enemies and clear your record. All must attend - or all will be punished.

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Young people are the solution

We believe that young people are not the problem. We are MAC-UK, a charity dedicated to improving social justice. Our experience on the streets makes us certain that inequalities, alienation and exclusion are the root causes of youth violence. Together through a community approach using music and culture we will improve the lives of young people in this city.

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Montagues and Capulets

This event enjoys the full support and endorsement of both the Montague Construction Company and Capulet Industries Ltd. If you are employed or otherwise affiliated with either family business, please visit the Montague and Capulet pages to read a personal statement from your own Head of Family.

Capulets Montagues

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